WikiWorld crowdsourced and crowdfunded free and safe cyberspace

WikiWorld is:

  • WikiWorld is a trust network. Membership is a privilege granted affirmatively, trusting you might adhere to our live and let live social contract governed by our consensus principles. Enrollment is open. Join us!
  • Currently engaged the design of and becoming a pilot in participating in the FreeTrust living document.
  • principled crowdsourced, user driven environments for safe and effective collaboration in the global on-line world.
  • personalized rich interfaces to the internet.
  • an intelligent user agent empowering the individual in cyberspace
  • a flexible architecture for safe and effective personal computing on the cloud.
  • a facility to freely create alternate digital currencies.
  • a virtual WikiWorld collaborative extended reality game.
  • a collection of grassroots online trust communities
  • a croudfunded project to crowdfund the user driven collaborative development of the above.

WikiWorld offers:

  • freedom to trust without any centralized authority
  • interoperation with systems other people trust.
  • voluntary grassroots networking of small global communities
  • both anonymity and a trustworthy identity under your control.
  • a user driven decentralized knowledge base on security and collaboration augmenting individuals and groups.
  • free cloud storage and processing power by sharing your own unused resources within trusted circles.
  • revenue from advertising when it is used, split between the readers, owners, and the service providers.

1. What is the problem?

  • only hackers, government and mafias have security and privacy on the internet.
  • service providers cannot always be trusted, as they can be expected to be take advantage of our personal information and can and do become corrupted such that any protection they promised is lost.
  • it is reported that over half of our computers are infected with some kind of malware and thousands of new threat ares discovered every day.
  • we are vulnerable to loss of service in the event of cyber war.


What is wrong with today's solutions, why do they not work?

  • security and privacy on the internet are largely an illusion.
  • everyone cannot become a security expert. people tend to make bad security decisions and expose their personal information needlessly.
  • there are new threats every day that may take months or years to be discovered by the security community.
  • we are forced to use the systems used by others in our networks even if we can not trust them. We are forced to learn their changing interfaces with uncertainty about the security implications of taking any particular choice. The evidence is that we cannot trust organizations like Google and Microsoft Even if we do trust an organization like Google or Microsoft the chance that they have been infiltrated by elements we do not trust is near certainty.
  • The protections we use against malware are ineffective, When making choices we cannot effectively judge what is trustworthy. The estimate is that half of our systems have been corrupted.
  • Even with the best privacy and anonymity we have no clue whether those we deal with online are trustworthy, who we think they are, or even human.
  • If anyone with the means is out to get us they can easily discredit us and disrupt our services and we are helpless against them. Even one malevolent individual can discredit another person easily, one with some technical savvy can launch denial of service attacks, and those with power can utterly destroy most anyone they choose.
  • Even if no one is out to get you you are subject to random ransomware attacks.
  • People on the internet are largely uncompensated for the use of their personal information, intellectual property and work product while a minority is reaping huge profits contributing to income disparity.
  • A small group of owners of the mass media and internet trolls funded by special interests are subverting our sources of information for their own benefit at our expense. While freedom of expression is on the surface enabled by the internet the reality is that only goes as far as the powerful allow it to be.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence in the wrong hands will multiply the cyber threats against individuals and our institutions.
  • The general pubic is in denial of these problems because they are largely unaware that they are already effected by them.

What is the opportunity?

  • collaboration in networks we trust individually in making better security choices and collaborating privately and more effectively using the tools and interfaces of our own choosing.
  • use decentralized services nobody owns without any central points of attack and not put all our privacy eggs in one basket.
  • use proven identity protection with multimodal authentication and trustworthy anonymous identity factor verification.
  • develop trust networks voluntarily from the bottom up.
  • user driven development of collaboration tools shared among trust networks selectively.
  • machine intelligence can enhance human intelligence in making good choices online.
  • government and private funding is available to address these issues.

4. High level description of the WikiWorld working solution

  • decentralized user driven interface development with collaborative privacy.
  • relocatable anonymous personal proxy.
  • distributed user agent enforcing security and augmenting interaction between the user and the proxy according to user defined rules.
  • trustworthy peer to peer individual trust circle services including communication and resource sharing (e.g. tools, cpu, storage)
  • fine grain control of exposure within trust circles or publicly.
  • tools for building trust networks and facilitating trustworthy exposure within them (WikiSmiles).

5. Why are we qualified to do this?

  • four decade veterans of on-line collaboration research and development in a realm of hacker wars.
  • experts in security, privacy, group decision support and social networking.
  • advanced research in risk quantification and inherently secure metabolic machine architectures. is a path toward correcting the situation in a continuous improvement process involving diverse solutions obsquring the path of potential attacks and lminimizing the potential impact of any breach employing collaborative trust within webs of trust putting users in control of their communication, personal information, intellectual property and work product and granting them true independence on the spirit of the american revolutionwhere no man need fear another man and no system need fear another system. .

Guiding Principles


Tool development and evaluations

Welcome WikiWorld virtual citizen!

WikiWorld takes the Wiki concept of a quick and easy collaboration to the next level with proven privacy and powerful tools for productive and trusted online activity leveraging shared principles.

According to Wikipedia, a wiki is a web application which allows people to add, modify, or delete content in collaboration with others... Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally described it as "the simplest online database that could possibly work", "Wiki" is a Hawaiian word meaning "Quick"

WikiWorld becomes your quick and easy gateway to the internet, email, your wiki's and other collaboration tools making collaboration safer and easier. By insuring privacy the individual is granted freedom of expression. With everyone contributing to their own private WikiWorld, both the individual and community will thrive.


The virtual currency of WikiWorld is WikiSmiles. They are similar to FaceBook "likes" or LinkedIn endorsements that are credits we issue to others or ourselves. Give yourself credit in WikiSmiles. In WikiWold your WikiSmiles will be worth something to people who trust you. Give others WikiSmile endorsements along with permissions to see some of your stuff. WikiSmiles have a million and one uses.

EDITED CONTENT is kept below this point to insure everything that is edited out is archived.

Completely redundant stuff can be removed but do not judge anything to be unimportant. Stuff deemed not needed for the kickstarter presentation can be moved to separate pages on this wiki. Brackets [] are suggested to delimit meta content in our semi-structured text.]

WikiWorld is a collection of online trust communities that puts you in the drivers seat. Nobody is trusted by Wikiworld but you have the freedom to trust what you trust. You choose your interface to communications and computing resources in a mashup of services you trust that is all all your own. Conditionally trusting what others trust in your trust networks frees you from decisions where you are not the expert, saving you time and effort in selection of safe and effective tools and other resources without having the requirement to trust the big three or common practice which has proven to be neither safe nor terribly effective. Your personal WikiWorld becomes your trusted agent acting on your behalf giving you comfort of personal security in the online world.

WikiWorld tools adopted according to your trust, becomes your gateway to the internet, email, your wiki's and other collaboration tools making collaboration safer by enabling trusting only your trust communities and collaboration in and among trust networks on becoming safer. By insuring privacy the individual is granted freedom of expression not subject to the tyranny of the majority. Every one having their own private WikiWorld allowing individuals to thrive independently is what makes the community thrive.


WikiSmiles are the virtual currency in your personal bank in the WikiWorld economy of grassroots personal on-line trust managed and controlled by only you and shared selectively in our personal trust networks.

Getting Started

  • WE affirmatively carry the responsibility of representing YOU, Anonymous, and your privacy, your ownership of your identity, intellectual property and work product in order that you might respect ours.
  • While everybody is represented in principle, membership requires admittance into some independent WikiWorld trust community creating an identity trust with a verifiable virtual WikiSmile or other trust representing a membership permission earned.
  • You can join this trust network or any other WikiWorld trust network by requesting membership by providing some verifiable identity factor such as an email address, phone number.
  • You can comment on an item here to interact with this trust community connect the trust networks you belong to.
  • Join or start a crowd sourced decentralized tool, with the potential of securely facilitating your trusted networks adding functionality or adding diversity where there is little.

Adopted rules in some community (this is wrong but gives the general idea)

  • WikiSmiles take the form of userHandle|emocon|quantity|domain|attribute, for example jimscarver||:-)|3|iermail testifying to jimscarver having 3 verified email addresses, or bozo|:-D|1M|personality|funny saying I think bozo the clown is very funny The general format is consistent but may be extended by individuals and adopted widely in a trust network or not. I suggest.bozo||::-)|10|social|like means I liked bozo 10 times on facebook etc. For you that might mean something else.
  • Law without law. The individual is not enslaved to anyone else's rules and builds their own trust networks according to rules interoperating only with those whom they trust without necessity of trusting anything in particular as anything may be expected to fail or be corrupted eventually. Freedom of trust is an inalienable right of the virtual WikiWorld citizenry.

We Need Help.

  • Your participation.
    • add a comment.
    • request membership
    • assimilate your trust community or crowd sourced effort
    • join the facebook group
    • like us

      • .
  • Development of diverse tools to organize and deliver WikiSmiles and private information for individuals and trust networks in a grassroots peer to peer (P2P) fully distributed manner
    • personal or group WikiSmiles server and rule agent.
    • rank ordering for individuals and groups
    • group decision tools
    • secure, cloud based P2P communications.
    • LeGit P2P social network sharing advertising or other revenue with identities, their trusted 3rd party issuers notories, authors and reviewers of information resources in respect of their ownership of their personal information or work product.
    • build a new P2P WikiWorld
  • Integrate WikiSmiles from existing social networks
    • facebook likes
    • linkedin etc. endorsements
    • etc.



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