Gaming is replacing the role of television in entertaining the new generation. It is the goal of the WikiWorld extended reality game to entertain in a realm of collaborative learning and innovation capitalizing on the activity of gamers toward useful common purpose.

You enter the virtual WikiWorld parallel dimension from your IP address location or verified geolocation meeting challenges and contributing to the construction of the WikiWorld augmented reality collaboratively.

Since the game is build collaboratively the ideas presented here are only suggestive of what might emerge.

One prevalent aspect is a security game where you might enter an Oz like virtual WikiWorld where you are battling monstrous security, techie/nontechie collaboration and reputation challenges earning a WikiWallet of WikiSmiles used for protection, opening doors, etc. while earning trust, invisibility and identity individually and collectively on both the light side (red hats) and dark side (black hats) trusted teams.

Besides getting the highest invisibility, trust, reputation and identity rating by earned WikiSmiles the goal is to get a Wiki Wand that endows the bearer with special privileges to magically create their own challenges and fundamental extension of the virtual WikiWorld landscape and functionality. (Like in the EIES legacy system monitor privileges were granted by successfully breaking the security of the system thus exposing a security flaw. You had to prove you were a security god.)

The game will serve to
  • entertain
  • build anonymous and personal WikiWorld identities
  • collaboratively build WikiWorld reality extending realms and challenges
  • educate people on the principles and capabilities of WikiWorld
  • educate people on security, privacy and identity
  • crowdsource the development of robust security models with realistic simulation of systems and security measures and countermeasures.
  • augment the reality of your online persona.

Using WikiSmiles is part of the game, not a reward. The reword is earning them so you can use them. You do not spend likes, identity or reputation smiles, those you keep. They have value beyond the game. Getting smiles by contributing money to the WikiWorld will give donors a leg up in the game, getting them past the first few doors even if they fail the challenge, sort of like a get out of jail free card. They can spend the smile, or try again to meet the challenge. Not everyone will have the skill to pass all the challenges unless they can collaborate with others or get smiles by trading smile permission attributes with others.
And, direct creation of virtual WikiWorld topology must require the wand. One has to earn right to extend the virtual WikiWorld landscape and functionality fundamentally. There can be many paths to earning a wand for techies and nontechies having earned the reputation of having a skillset valuable to wikiworld development.
WikiWorld issues a WikiGold smiles to everyone who contributes money or work product endorsed by WikiWorld. These are used to pass challenges in the WikiWorld game and earn other smiles. Once funded, WikiWorld will never issue another WikiGold WikiSmile. This makes WikiWorld issued WikiGold WikiSmiles a finite resource that may increase in value due to their scarcity. WikiWold will issue permission smiles and reputation smiles earned by passing a challenge specific to that challenge. These grow in number by people earning them by passing the challenge.
Since gold smiles are limited people will not want to spend them all in the quest to become a WikiWizard because they would run out of them before they got there, end of game.
This provides the incentive to trade earned smiles with others rather than spending gold smiles. One gold smile could buy you many permission smiles giving you a lot more value for your gold smiles.
Note that reputation smiles cannot be traded since they are not transferable but offer value every time they are used. They have a value according only to the trust they have accumulated and inherently have zero value. Similarly ownership smiles are reusable but can be traded.
We do not need to tell people all the power of a smile we can envision as it will be learned as the game goes on. Use your imagination. Your innovation can give you an advantage. The economy of trust will evolve naturally if we do not restrict how smiles are used in peoples personal trust bank or trust community smile bank. What might emerge is only speculation at this point but we can expect certain things to emerge due to the general nature of information ecologies and how that relates to economic systems where capitalizing on abundant resources is much more profitable than capitalizing on scarcity and innovative use of abundant resources trumps the control over us exerted by the hoarders of scarce resources and eliminates constraints the effective use of human potential.

At the end of the game gold smiles may have no value, or they may have a very high perceived value. In either case playing the game will have been valuable hopefully
Ken's scenario:

So the question! Can you enter the WikiWorld and get to the other side. You are lead to the draw bridge that has been lowered to let you cross the mote. You are at the threshold to the WikiWorld but do you dare enter? It will be hard and dangerous and you will be given a choice when confronted by the massive door of the entry portal.............Will you seek the path of light or the path of darkness? You will earn points along the way, but it will require commitment regardless of the path you choose. You may enlist collaborators in your journey but the journey is yours.

The journey is about choices relating to identity, your identity and the choices you make. The path you choose and how you resolve your identity add SMILES to the sack you carry over your shoulder. At each juncture you confront a door or doors and must choose which to open, and then must overcome the challenges that reveal themselves on the other side. The challenges? Yes, the identity/trust paradigm in all of its complexity and ramifications to you. You are working hard, learning what identity and trust are all about, and you are gaining valuable SMILES. You log off, but you can come back and begin the journey anew. You will see where you are in your journey from the aerial view of the WikiWorld with the course of your own personal journey charted. You start again from where you left off. You log out, and return, again and again. You are fascinated by the game, but learn more and more about the trust paradigm, and as you master each challenge you become more and more confident in your own identity, and your journey models more and more the path to the perfect personal identity and all the benefits it provides.

Having PROVEN your metal which is demonstrated by your sack of SMILES you reach a point where you can deposit your SMILES in the "Bank". Your SMILES now have intrinsic and proven value and you are not alone in having gotten here based on the merits of who you are. There are others who have gotten there as well! You and they have established your identities, whether as who you actually are or anonymously: your choice. You have gotten here based on your SMILES. Hard work, smarts, dogged determination: you have established value and are ready to go on to the next level. You are ready to reap the benefits of TRUSTED IDENTITY and have your grubstake of SMILES to support you on the way.