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"Jim Whitescarver has been regarded to be technological "seer" for decades. He sees opportunities to create new and breakthrough types of systems, and he has the technical skills to build them."

Work and Related Experience

Jim Whitescarver has a rich information science technology and research background including 25 years research staff and adjunct faculty at NJIT, including work in collaborative system, banking, brokerage, enterprise applications, distributed systems, web development, identity, biometrics and security.


After five years data processing experience when customer education was free to IBM customers, Jim attended IBM System Science Education where he emerged top of the class. Then Jim went back to school, doing largely independent study in computer science, and completed his major in Computer Science and minor in Electrical Engineering in 1979. He went on to take, and teach masters courses as research staff at NJIT. He is a charter member of the Phi Epson Phi computer science honor society..

Publications and Patents

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Patent: 20130097682, Authentication Techniques Utilizing a Computing Device, Issued: Apr 18, 2013