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See architecture for tools to be developed with WikiWorld funds. The following tools are existing alternative candidates for use within WikiWorld trust communities to be ranked according to trust.

MaidSafe Network (Massive Array of Internet Disks)

The MAIDSAFE network takes all the Internet services currently available today and decentralizes them, removing servers, administrators and other central points of weakness enabling privacy, security and anonymity to all Internet users for the first time.

The Maissafe network can provide a peer to peer backbone of storage and computing power for WikiWorld. WikiWorld can build decentralized trust network collaboration nicely on top of the Maidsafe environment. It will not however be the exclusive backbone.

The currency of Maidsafe, Safecoin is a fair and transparent way of giving end users, developers and backers the opportunity to get involved with SAFE network. Safecoins may be earned, traded or purchased and a total cap of 4.3 billion will be generated. Unlike BitCoin, Safecoins represent actual value rather than just computational effort for no other useful purpose. People earn Safecoins by contributing resources (often what might be unused otherwise) to the network. While WikiWorld has WikiSmiles representing various forms of personal credit, no medium of exchange is trusted in WikiWorld, however the Safecoin concept is close to the principles of WikiWorld and may be suggested where a medium of exchange is desired and will compensate WikiWorld citizens for making resources available to the network.

Other Existing Tools:
  • IPv6 - secure internet protocol
  • Tor Project - Anonymizing network and tools
  • Kolab - Groupware solution for email, files, calendars, address books and mobile sync.
  • OnionShare - Peer to peer file sharing.
  • Open-Audit for Windows PC protection.
  • ClamAV - antivirus for PCs
  • Docker isolated application deployment on a trusted cloud and Kubernetes management

Private collaboration for those who have a trusted server and network (pages to be added)

Additional Trustworthy Tool Sources