There is no requirement to list your trust network here. Exposing your participation in WikiWorld is voluntary. The following networks representatives have elected to expose their participation in WikiWorld. Feel free to add networks you belong to if you wish to expose a presents here.

Being listed as a representative here is not to be taken to imply any responsibilities of the representative. Representatives will be notified of issues involving the organization's involvement in WikiWorld. Representatives may receive question about their involvement in WikiWorld but are under no obligation to respond.

[this list includes unconfirmed assumed representatives. Confirmed individuals are to be identified with a *]


Issue gold smiles to contributors as evidence they will contribute on the bases of a promise.
Issued smiles on the basis of promises kept.

EIES community (NJIT Electronic information Exchange System)
  • John Foster*
  • Murray Turoff
  • Roxanne Hiltz
  • Elaine Kerr
Proven Secure Solutions LLC (PSS)
  • Kendall Williams*
  • Paul Dube*
  • Rao Bhamidipati
  • Stephen Paul King
  • William Whitescarver*
  • leithaus
  • Mike Stay
New Civilization Network
  • jim


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