WikiWorld Components:

Personal anonymizing relocatable proxy

HTTPs->HTTP private browsing, SSH tunnelling to and from services and devices

Personal Device Controller

Keyboard, mouse, touch, voice input and display control, multimedia I/O. In cooperation with the user agent smart answer fill assistance in by frequency in context filtered by entered characters, passive biometric and keyboard rhythm user auth factors, device DNA/fingerprint device and client auth factors.

Distributed User Agent

Mediates between proxy and user via device controller according to user rules, automating repetitive actions, learning behaviour, favoring more secure options automatically according to personal trust.
It provides ubiquitous common functionality and interface programmability for all internet actions of the user.

Personal identity manager

proven trustworthy identity, multimode authentication, anonymous challenge (qualitative/generic) authentication, personal SCIM federation in trust networks


The collection is the ubiquitous mechanism accessible at any time via the user agent for reference or use of currently accessed object(s). A singular simple mechanism allows the imposition of sophisticated behaviours.
  • Management of hierarchical lists of objects of any kind
    • object properties or aspects may be applied to a list as a whole or to each object on the list
  • individual and composite group collections
    • fine grain access control
    • potential discussion and private notes at every level
    • automated feedback on commonalities and differences between individuals and/or group list inclusions
  • ordering or ranking
    • group orderings derived from individual orderings
    • automated feedback on areas of most agreement and disagreement between individuals and/or group orderings
    • simulated voting based on individual rankings.
    • indeterminant or equal rankings
  • structured lists, e.g.
    • alternatives
      • pros
      • cons
    • decision trees
  • rating scales per object: agreement, feasibility, desirabilite, relevance, etc.
  • estimates
  • documents, document model, list of sections
    • list view of semi structured text or document model of external document.
  • WikiWorld applications include
    • collaborative private hierarchical text editing, personalization
    • Personal WikiSmile management
    • Trust network WikiSmile aggregation
    • trustworthy tool selection
    • Group decision support

Collaborative editing integration (a la google wave, Ward Cunningham's fedwiki

Social networking and conferencing integration

Secured internet - a la Tor on steroids

Secured personal and shared cloud services - distributed across providers such that none need be trusted

Secured personal devices, virtual servers and virtual desktops


File sharing

Personal SpamWare

Private "dark" email

Private peer to peer information sharing, communication and social networking.