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Personal identity manager - proven identity, multimode authentication, anonymous challenge (qualitative/generic) authentication, personal SCIM federation in trust networks

It has been shown anonymity and pseudo names can improve group decisions. In WikiWorld anonymous identity supports generic or qualitative authentication. With the anonymous users permission (one time key) something about the identity is exposed that does not compromise the users actual identity independently. Examples would be confirmation that I have a verified email address without revealing that address, that I am over 21, of live in new jersey, belong to some society, etc. This adds real value to an anonymous user giving them strong identity, The anonymous survey participant for example is much more valuable if they have a confirmed their demographics with strong verified identity and authentication. They do not need to know the name of the person or email address. This allows revealing personal information on a need to know bases.

FIDO, PLOA, OIX, and SCIM integration